Sharing Time 2012- January Week 4- Jesus Christ Created the Earth as a Place Where I Can Learn to Choose the Right

by Jessica

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As I studied this lesson I was impressed by the importance in the act of creation.  Here is the Mormon Message  from Elder Uchtdorf, about the human desire and need to create.  I wanted to allow the children to have the opportunity to create something with their hands and have it be apart of a larger project to see that they can work together as a primary class to create something of importance.

Identify the Doctrine

Review the how important the gift of Agency is in our lives.  That it is an essential part of the plan of happiness.

As part of the plan of happiness we chose to use our agency by choosing to come to Earth and receive a body.  And that the earth is very special place because Jesus Christ made the Earth for us to live and to learn about the gospel.

Jesus Christ made wonderful and amazing things on the earth.  Ask the children for ideas of what parts of the earth Jesus made.  (Waterfalls, rivers, mountains, the ocean, etc.)

Ask them how they feel about the wonderful things that has been created? Or about spending time in nature.

Activity: Making a Clay Model of the Earth

Make dough or some already made.  I like salt dough (instructions at the end) because it is easy.  If possible make a few earth colors like blue, green, yellows, browns.  And a flat box or piece of cardboard, for the display.

If you worry about the possibility of things getting out of control with the younger children have them do it as a class.

Pass out the clay with the instructions to create something as part of the world.  It could be a plant, and animal, an ocean, and mountains.  Anything.  Allow for a few moments  and allow the children to come place their creation in the box as soon as they have finished (minimize mess).

Encourage Understanding:

When the creation of the model earth is finished show the children their creation.  Talk about how unique and amazing their imaginations are.  How they can create wonderful things.  And how it is important to create.

Then ask who would like it if you spit on their world?  Or if you put yucky trash all over it and walked away.  Ask how that made them feel.

Explain that we need to take good care of the Earth because Jesus created the earth for us to use our Agency to help keep it beautiful for a very long time.  So that other people can also be happy that they have a wonderful world that Jesus created.

Ask the children how they can use their agency to take care of the earth and the creatures on the earth?

Salt Dough Directions:


1 cup salt
2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup luke warm water


1. In a large bowl mix salt and flour.

2. Gradually stir in water. Mix well until it forms a doughy consistency.

3. With your hands form a ball with your dough and kneed it for at least 5 minutes. The longer you kneed your dough the smoother it will be.

Store your salt dough in a air tight container and you will be able to use it for days.

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