Sharing Time- February 2012- Week 3: Nephi was blessed for choosing the right


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Thoughts:  In current research about faith and spiritual development in children it is important for children to know and internalize stories of faith.  And to liken them to their own lives.

This week I plan on having three children explain the scripture stories listed below.  I like to have children plan on doing this ahead of time.  Normally 1-2 days is enough time for families.  I like that each child learn the story at home and then is able to teach it to the class.  Normally in jr. primary I do need to help with the story.  I also encourage the child to bring a picture  to show to the class or an object to help with the retelling.

Identify Doctrine

1 Nephi 16:18–24, 30–32

1 Nephi 17:8, 17–18, 48–53

1 Nephi 18:9–21


Encourage Understanding:

After each story on the board I write what was the problem in the story (what needed to get fixed)

What were the choices that Nephi faced.  There is always more than one.  He could have always not done it.  Sometimes this is hard for the kids to understand that there is choice to not do anything.  Normally with the little kids I only try to get them to see two choices.  But the older kids are much better at seeing multiple choices.

What choice did Nephi Make?

Why is it important that Nephi made good choices?  What were the consequences of making good choices, what would the consequences have been if Nephi chose another option.  Like he did not go and look for food?

Nephi practiced making good choices.  Why is it important that we practice making good choices.  How can we practice making good choices?


2 thoughts on “Sharing Time- February 2012- Week 3: Nephi was blessed for choosing the right

  1. I am a Primary Teacher, and I don’t teach sharing time-but I really liked your suggestion to write on the board what the problem was. I am going to try that. Good suggestion, thanks!

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