Nursery Lesson #18 “I Will Love Others”

by Heather F.

My first exposure to International Women’s Day (IWD), March 8, was when my roommate from college came home from Russian class with a flower. While not widely celebrated in the United States, International Women’s Day is a worldwide event that occurs yearly and promotes peace and opportunities for women and girls. In Russia, it is common for women and girls to receive flowers on March 8 in celebration for IWD.

Because of this tradition, I thought it would be nice for the Sunday before IWD to talk about peace and make flowers. Lesson #18 in the nursery manual fit this theme very well.

To start the lesson, I will show a picture of Jesus with women. There are a few from the Gospel Art Book: Jesus and the Samaritan Woman, Jesus Raising Jairus’s Daughter, Mary and Martha, or Mary and the Resurrected Jesus Christ. I’ll probably say, “Jesus loved everyone and spent time with all kinds of people: men and women. He taught us to love each other.”

I really enjoy the lesson in the manual and using any of the activities or songs from the lessons is great. For our art activity, I am using this egg carton flower craft. We buy our eggs in pallets, so I had these lying around ready to go into the recycle bin.

It did not take long to cut out 20 “flowers.” We normally have about 15 kids in our nursery, so that should be enough.

With out pallets of eggs, I was able to make two different sized flowers and we’ll combine them into one with a dot of glue once the kids are done coloring them.

Because it’s near the beginning of the year, most of our nursery kids are young, so I will just have them color the flowers with crayons, but if you do this lesson later in the year, you might be able to use markers. I’m definitely not using paint! Can you imagine the mess?! If you’d like to go with an International Women’s Day theme, the IWD color is purple. The kids can then give the flowers to their moms, grandmas, aunts, or girl friends.

If you don’t have egg cartons around, use what you have: this is nursery, they won’t even remember it anyway! Tissue paper flowers would work, or even just having them color flowers on a blank paper. Make it easy on yourself!

I also think this activity would be great for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or even Grandparent’s day in the fall.

And Happy International Women’s Day this week!

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