Sharing Time- March 2012- Week 4: I am blessed when I choose to follow the prophet.

Purpose: To help the children understand that we sometimes have to listen closely because the we have to exercise our brains sometimes and not just follow the crowd.  That we have to use our ears, eyes, hearts, and minds.

Activity: Play a thinking game.  They are simple to adjust and make up.  You just have the children do the opposite of what is normal.  Like when I say touch their knees, but really you have to touch your nose.  This requires the children to look and process information that is counterintuitive, and requires focus.  Another one would be when I say sit down you stand up, and stand up – you sit down.

Identify Doctrine: Before class attach small snakes to the bottom of the chairs of some students.  Then tell the story of Moses and the poisonous serpents (but don’t tell the solution).  Have the children look under their chairs.  Have the children who had a snake get up since they have been bitten by the snakes.  Ask them if anyone knows how the people were able to live even though they had been poisoned by the sakes.

Discuss the possibilities and then tell the children if they have not already told you how the problem was resolved.  Use the “choose the right stick and a bigger snake to wrap it around the choose the right stick.

Explain how this may have seemed silly to the Israelites or that they might have not listened.  But that it is important to listen so that we can know what the Prophet and those who love us, want us to make good decisions and to practice making choices when we are young – so that we can grow up and be happy and know how to make great choices.

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