I Can Tell Others About Jesus Christ – Primary 2 Lesson #11

Objective:  To inspire each child to help others learn about Jesus Christ.

The link to the lesson is here.


In this lesson, the scriptures about the missions of the sons of Mosiah are a good foundation to build upon.  I’d also like to add some stories about Paul from the New Testament.  Paul suffered quite a bit of physical trial as a missionary but he endured because of his faith in Jesus Christ and his desire to spread the message of Christ.  A couple of Friend articles about Paul may be helpful  here and here.

Or, just go directly to the scriptures. This Primary 7 Manual lists quite a few scriptures you can choose from about Paul’s missions in the New Testament.

Not to be negative, but I’m not a huge fan of using pretend stories about “Tommy or Johnny or Susie” because they feel a bit plastic to me.  I’d much rather use true stories, such as one gleaned from this article about President Hinckley’s mission in England.  With the littlest of effort you can find other stories about previous Church president’s missions to include in this lesson.

For other resources about missionary work with a current perspective see the links. Most are from the Friend magazine within the last few years, and there are a couple of video clips from Mormon Messages.

I Can be a Missionary Now July 2009,  Friend

Being Like a Missionary January 1010 Friend

I can be a Missionary, Too.  February 2011  Friend

Missionary Maze  May 2011 Friend

Missionary to the Rescue  January 2010 Friend

Your Day for a Mission (YouTube Mormon Messages) (Maybe geared more toward 7 year olds than 4 year olds)

The Vineyard (YouTube Mormon Messages) (Maybe geared toward 7 year olds than 4 year olds)

I would close the lesson by bearing my testimony that as a convert to the Church I am eternally grateful to my sister’s example.  She was a missionary to me when she didn’t even know she was acting like a missionary.  She didn’t wear a missionary tag.  She didn’t receive an official “call.”  She didn’t say anything particularly powerful that caught my ear.  It was just her quiet but constant example that made all  the difference.  Anyone can be an example.  You just never know who will notice and become eternally grateful to you.

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