Sharing Time- April 2012- Week 1: Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me.

Jessica F.

Link to Outline 

Thoughts: I felt a very strongly the need to make this lesson very concrete.  I think that so many gospel principles tend to be more abstract, such as what is repentance and what is faith.  But that I wanted to make the lessons this month focus on Jesus Christ. I wanted them to help the children know Jesus in a fundamental way, and help each child to develop a personal testimony of the Savior.

Identify Doctrine: I wanted to have the opportunity to  teach the children that Jesus Christ was a real human being who lived on the Earth, as a perfect example for us.   I found this article from the friend.  This is great explanation of who Jesus was as a child.

Encourage Understanding:  I am dividing up the Friend article in the number of classes that we have in our primary.  I will give each class a description of their event and a picture.  And have each class discuss and try to make “text (scripture) to life connections”   If possible include scripture references and have the students mark the scriptures in their classes.

So every class would discuss the following questions: With the expectation that they will be shared after the discussion

  1. What is happening in the story and the  picture?
  2. What do you think it would have been like to grow up when Jesus was a baby or a child?
  3. How is life different now than when Jesus was a child?
  4. How does Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost help Jesus and his mom and dad?
  5. How does this story make you feel about Jesus?

Activity:  Have each class assign one person to the picture holder.  Re Read the story out loud to the primary.  Instruct the classes that as their part of the story is read the they can reverently walk up and form a story line- it is like a time line with pictures.  And then review the story and ask for comments from the classes from one of the 5 questions.  This is a great opportunity to help children share and grow their own testimonies of Jesus Christ.

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