Sharing Time- April Week 2: Jesus Christ taught me the right way to live.

Jessica F.

Sharing Time Outline 

Thoughts: For April and the Easter season I wanted to focus this months sharing times on making Jesus Christ and His teaching concrete in the lives of the children.

Identify Doctrine–  I want to focus on the Sermon on the Mount this week.  I am planning on showing a picture of the sermon on the mount (the bigger the better).  I will use the following scriptures.

Matthew 5:3–11

I also want help the children to know what language Jesus spoke.  Since many people believe that Jesus spoke Hebrew, when he actually spoke Aramaic. And that the new testament is written in Greek.  I think that I will also show pictures of what Greek and Aramaic look like.

I am going to break up the scriptures from Matthew 5, into groups according to size of primary.  Some classes will get two sets.  Then I will hand out this pdf (first page only).  And a rope for each corresponding scripture.

Activity:  Will have them attach one end of the rope with the left side column and one end of the rope with the right side column.  Then every class will bring the rope up to the front of the class.  I was planning on using rubber bands.

Encourage Understanding: Then I will show the class the strands of rope and read the beatitudes.  I will choose a volunteer who I will ask to braid the strands.  Since there are quite a few it will be difficult.  But encourage practice.

Sometimes following Jesus is hard when we begin to try something new, but we have to practice.  And eventually some parts of following Jesus become easier.  And that sometimes we mess up, but that is why we have the atonement.  But that when we try to be like Jesus we can become better.

Share Testimony.

Sing: “I am Trying to be Like Jesus”


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