Sharing Time- April week 3: Jesus Christ taught me the right way to live.

Jessica F.

Sharing Time Outline 

Thoughts: This week I wanted to focus on how Jesus Christ treated the less desirable people of his time, or the “sinner” of His day.  I want to teach the children that we are not to look down upon those who are “different from themselves, but to become like Jesus and to truly love others as God loves them.

Identify Doctrine:  When Jesus was alive it was very common to judge a person based on how they dressed, or their job, or if they were sick, or if they had money or not.  But Jesus taught us how to love all people even those people who might look or talk differently, who might be another religion, or have a family that looks differently than your family.

I want to use the following stories:  And in each story point out how Jesus Did not judge, but how he loved. I may not get through all of them.

The Blessing of the ChildrenIt was culturally accepted that children were to not bother adults, that they were not to be a part of society but Jesus chose to take time and to love them.

Question: How would that make you feel if Jesus took time to help you?

The Woman at the Well- The jewish people and the Samaritans did not like each other for a long time in history.  When Jesus asked the women at the well for water, he was going again the rules of speaking to a Samaritan and back then men often forgot to ask women for things nicely.  The woman at the well had made some choices that probably most people would consider to be pretty bad, but Jesus knew that she had done stuff, but he still loved her.  And she was the first person that he told that he was the Son of God.  And this women ran and told the town who believed her and came to see Jesus.  

Question: Why do you think Jesus would be willing to tell this women that he was the Son of God, or even speak to her or ask her for water?

The Tax CollectorA long time ago the tax collectors would go house to house and collect the money for the Roman government.  But they were not paid very well, so they would change people more money and keep it so that they would have money.  This did not make people happy.  And I can see why.  But Jesus knew that they were still good people.  He even ate dinner with them.

Question: Do you think it would have made you mad that someone took more money from you than they were supposed to?  How do you think Jesus was able to still be loving?

And the Woman with an Issue of BloodWhen Jesus was alive there was some things that were considered clean and some stuff that was unclean.  This was not what you wold think of today about with dirt or anything like that.  But there was a women who had an issue of blood for a long time.  And we really don’t know exactly what illness she had but it made her unclean.  That meant that she was not allowed to go to church, to be around other people.  She has spent all her money trying to get better, but the doctors could not help her get better.  And the law said that if anyone touched her they would be made unclean too.  

Question:  Do we sometimes judge people by the way that they look?  Do we say that someone is too dirty to come to church, or what if they smelled like smoke, what would you think?

Encourage Application:  How do these stories help us think about how we can try to become more like Jesus?

Jesus offered love and compassion first! 

3 thoughts on “Sharing Time- April week 3: Jesus Christ taught me the right way to live.

  1. Hi there, thank you so much for this blog. Found you through Beginnings New which saved me when I was in YW (and still follow out of habit!) It helped me with some ideas to help my daughter get started with her primary talk. She spoke on the woman at the well and how Jesus was an example on how to treat others. It turned out great! Thanks for the idea.

  2. I really enjoy and look forward to your blog. Thank you for your ideas and time.
    Do you have any posts for week 4 in April?

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