Sharing Time- Week 4: I feel my Savior’s love when I try to be like Jesus Christ.

Thoughts:  I wanted to end up April by talking about how we can feel how much Jesus loves other people.  In my life the gift of being able to have a small glimpse of how much we are all God’s children has profoundly changed my life.  I think that it is a gift to feel the Spirit whisper the divine value of every individual.  We are all part of each other’s journey to joy and peace and love.  And this is what I wanted to pass a long to the children this week.

Identify doctrine:  I am going to review quickly the stories that we have discussed about how Jesus was kind to the people who lived in Jerusalem that a lot of people judged or did not like because of where they were born or what their job was or what they looked like.

I am going to use “I Will Walk with You” #140 in the Children’s Song Book.   Here is a link to the words.  Discuss what the words mean.  Here is a great talk from Marlin K Jensen about Friendship. and Christlike love.

Encourage Understanding:  Ask for ideas from the children about when it would be hard to be someone’s friend or to be kind to other children or people.  Express the idea that when we first see things that are different it can be scary, but that is ok, because we can choose to act with love.

Find a way to express to the children that they should not put themselves in unsafe situations, but I feel that children need to learn how to discern the spirit at a young age. Most children I know in our ward live very safe and well protected lives.   But when life does get more complicated in YW/YM and Adulthood they need to know how to feel the Holy Ghost and trust their ability to feel revelation and understand promptings.  

Activity: Sing the song as moving feet in a walking motion while passing around a small to or object and having the pianist stop at random intervals and have the child holding the ball suggest a way we can walk with other people.  ( this is a great way to get participation from children who would not volunteer)

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