Sharing Time 2012- May- Week 1: As I repent, I can be forgiven.

Jessica F.

Sharing Time Outline

Thoughts: I wanted to focus this week on how when we help others we lift their burdens and they lift ours.  I think that so often we focus on the “DO NOTS” that we forget to teach ourselves and our children the “PLEASE DOs” of the gospel.  I firmly believe that the purpose of repentance is to help us on our journey to BECOME like Jesus Christ.

Identify Doctrine: Mosiah 18:8-10.  But I am going to mostly focus on verse eight.

Activity: In a backpack I am going to fill it with heavy objects, probably canned food, since it is heavy but won’t be impossible to lift for a child.  I am going to cover the labels with dark paper (if you remove the labels write what the food is on one of the lids).

I will have an equal number of questions for the objects of food in the backpack.  I will pass out the questions to the classes and allow them a few minutes for discussion on how they would help someone who carried that burden.

Then call the primary group back together, and pick one child to come help with the backpack.  I am going to bring my scale so we can see how heavy  the backpack is before we start.   We will go around the room asking questions about how we could be like Jesus and help.  When the answer the question the food item will be removed and replaced with a feather.  And place a heart on the board.  We will repeat this until all canned food is gone, and then measure the weight of  the backpack again.

Encourage Understanding: Ask the children what backpack they would rather carry.  Discuss how when we help other people how does it make us feel, how does it help the person we helped feel.  Why do you think Jesus would have told us to help us carry other’s burdens?



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