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Sharing Time 2012- May Week 4: When I take the sacrament I renew my baptismal covenants.

Thoughts:  I like to emphasize real action that kids can make to change their lives.  Maybe because as an adult I crave a practical application to my worship on Sunday.  I don’t want to just learn something I want to try to become someone like Jesus Christ.

Identify Doctrine: I wanted to have the kids find where the sacrament  prayers (Doctrine and Covenants 20:77, 79)  are located in their scriptures.  I also wanted to have the children read the prayers on the word strips provided in the outline and have them put them together in the right order.

Encourage Understanding: For the last part of the lesson I really wanted to emphasize on what it means to take the name of Jesus Christ upon ourselves.  I want to have a discussion about what it means to be like Jesus.  I really want to steer it away from the rote answers and try to dive into more original ideas.  I really do think that children know how they can be more likes Jesus but we often put the whole idea into a very small rhetorical box.  I think I am going to try to not plan this part too much.  I am going to share a personal example and other  than that I will try to seek the spirit and try to wait for the silence for the children to have time to think.

I think that I need to more often in my lesson allow their hearts to be edified and touched by truth.


Sharing Time 2012 – May Week 3: The Holy Ghost can help Me

Thoughts: I wanted to start by helping the children know that we are given the Holy Ghost as a gift.  But that often it take us a long time to learn how the Holy Ghost talks to us.  And that it is ok if we don’t know when we feel it, but that it takes practice.

I think some children just repeat the answers that we have been told to repeat about how the Holy Ghost feels.  But I wanted to encourage the children to know that the Holy Ghost will speak to everyone a bit different and that we have to try to listen and be patent.  Its like learning another language.

Encourage Understanding:  I was planning on having the one child pick a question out of a hat.  The question will be something that has a clear good and bad consequence.  I will have two pictures for each question.   The child who picked the question will be blindfolded and put in the back of the room.  I will hang the pictures of the consequences on the wall.  The class will act as the Holy Ghost by singing louder or  softer to help the child to find the correct good choice.

Discussion: How can we practice feeling the Holy Ghost.  And remind them that some people will take longer to practice to hear the promptings of the Holy Ghost, but that it is not a race, but a journey.  Just as we had to tune our ears to hear the sound of the music.

Sharing Time 2012 – May Week 2- When I am baptized and confirmed, I am following Jesus’s example.

Jessica F.

Sharing Time Outline:

Thoughts:  I wanted to focus this week about why we get baptized.  I wanted to take another approach on why we make covenants, that we make covenants with the Lord, and we have ordinances so that we remember the promises that we have made and so other people can help us remember too.  We spend our lives trying to become more like Jesus Christ and because of the atonement we can repent and try again and again.

Attention Getter: Ask the children at random what they did on a certain day, just pull dates out of the air and get them closer and closer to today.  You can even throw in what did you do last Christmas besides open gifts?

Why is it hard to remember what you did in days that have gone past?

Does anyone remember any promises they made 5 years ago?  Did anyone say that they would clean their rooms, how about ____.

Does anyone remember any promises that anyone made to them last week, last year, yesterday? 

Identify Doctrine:  Begin my showing pictures of Jesus being baptized.  And modern pictures from the library of children and other people being baptized.

Ask the children what is happening in these pictures?

Next ask what is happening to the clothes and the hair and the skin of the people in these pictures.  Answer: Getting wet.

Who remembers when they were baptized or when they went to a baptism?  Why do you think someone would remember being baptized?  (because we get wet, because our parents, or the missionaries, and the ward make it special).

When we make covenants with God it is special and important because God wants us to remember that He loves us and that we are special.  He also wants us to remember the promises we made so that we can become like Jesus and have the Holy Ghost with us to help us be happy.

And that we get to promise God that we will keep our promise to help and love others, to  help those who are sad, and to be kind and to become like Jesus.

When do we get to remember what we promised when we got baptized?  During the sacrament, at church, from our parents, from reading the scriptures and so forth.

Activity:  Have children who have been baptized or adults for jr primary come and share  what they remember about their baptism day.  I like to rotate 4 to 5 groups having the person sharing their experience is the one who rotates.

Recollect class and share testimony.


Ideas about Teaching

Jessica F


I just wanted to share one idea I had this week about teaching children.  I was pondering on Alma’s teachings about seeds, and I was thinking about trees, and plants and how they are good ways to think about the gospel on so many levels.

I was thinking about how it is so easy to feel like I am teaching well, but what I am doing is trying to take the fruit off my tree and trying to tape or glue the fruit onto another’s tree.  But that is not a lasting situation.  So I thought about how I need to think of my teaching as no longer trying to attach my fruit or the bishop’s fruit, or the ward’s fruit, but to teach the children how they can graft the good parts of the gospel into their own trees, and to help them take care of that grafting process.  And grafting is a labor intensive process that cannot be rushed and must be attuned to the needs of the tree.  I felt so impressed with the need to provide them with the learning that is necessary to build an amazing tree.  To cultivate something amazing with their lives.   To provide them with as many carried spiritual experiences as possible, so that they can have experiences of knowing Jesus Christ and growing and grafting a beautiful testimony of truth and love.