Ideas about Teaching

Jessica F


I just wanted to share one idea I had this week about teaching children.  I was pondering on Alma’s teachings about seeds, and I was thinking about trees, and plants and how they are good ways to think about the gospel on so many levels.

I was thinking about how it is so easy to feel like I am teaching well, but what I am doing is trying to take the fruit off my tree and trying to tape or glue the fruit onto another’s tree.  But that is not a lasting situation.  So I thought about how I need to think of my teaching as no longer trying to attach my fruit or the bishop’s fruit, or the ward’s fruit, but to teach the children how they can graft the good parts of the gospel into their own trees, and to help them take care of that grafting process.  And grafting is a labor intensive process that cannot be rushed and must be attuned to the needs of the tree.  I felt so impressed with the need to provide them with the learning that is necessary to build an amazing tree.  To cultivate something amazing with their lives.   To provide them with as many carried spiritual experiences as possible, so that they can have experiences of knowing Jesus Christ and growing and grafting a beautiful testimony of truth and love.


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