Sharing Time 2012 – May Week 3: The Holy Ghost can help Me

Thoughts: I wanted to start by helping the children know that we are given the Holy Ghost as a gift.  But that often it take us a long time to learn how the Holy Ghost talks to us.  And that it is ok if we don’t know when we feel it, but that it takes practice.

I think some children just repeat the answers that we have been told to repeat about how the Holy Ghost feels.  But I wanted to encourage the children to know that the Holy Ghost will speak to everyone a bit different and that we have to try to listen and be patent.  Its like learning another language.

Encourage Understanding:  I was planning on having the one child pick a question out of a hat.  The question will be something that has a clear good and bad consequence.  I will have two pictures for each question.   The child who picked the question will be blindfolded and put in the back of the room.  I will hang the pictures of the consequences on the wall.  The class will act as the Holy Ghost by singing louder or  softer to help the child to find the correct good choice.

Discussion: How can we practice feeling the Holy Ghost.  And remind them that some people will take longer to practice to hear the promptings of the Holy Ghost, but that it is not a race, but a journey.  Just as we had to tune our ears to hear the sound of the music.

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