Sharing Time June 2012- Week 4- When I dress modestly, I respect my body as a gift from God.

Thoughts:  I wanted to focus on the doctrine of having a body.  I wanted to take a different view on modesty other than dress and appearance. Based off the idea- that When I act modestly ….

Identify the doctrine (seeing a picture and reading scriptures): Write the following on the board: “My _ is a _ .” Show a picture of a temple. Ask, “Why are temples so special?” Have the children turn to 1 Corinthians 6:19. Ask them to look for what it says about their bodies as they read the scripture out loud with you. Ask the children what words will complete the sentence on the board (body, temple ). Invite the children to stand and say the sentence together. (sharing time outline)

Encourage Understanding:  I looked up Modesty in the dictionary and the second group of definitions that really stood out to me were:

  • motivation for self improvement,
  • and tolerance of others

I wanted to teach the children the concept that our bodies are gifts from God, but that sometimes a person’s body does not work like a lot of people.  Sometimes our bodies and born with legs that do not work, or arms that cannot grab or hold things, faces that look different, people who speak slower or faster than other kids they play with at school or at the park.  We do not know why this happens to some children.  Why some kids have one kind of body and some kids have other kind of bodies.  And sometimes different can be scary until we realize that they are people just like us.

Share personal story or have a parent of sibling of someone with a disability come and talk to the class about their experiences with their loved one.

I want to show the kids pictures of children with disabilities and talk about how some disabilities we cannot see with our eyes, so we need to be patient of all people we meet and try to love them as Jesus would love them.

Activity:  Pass out one picture to each class with a short story about the child who is in the picture.  Things the child likes, and does not like (to make the child real)  have the class talk for a few minutes about how they could be like Jesus be a friend to this child.

Have the classes present their ideas for being more tolerant of all children.

Closing Remaks 

2 thoughts on “Sharing Time June 2012- Week 4- When I dress modestly, I respect my body as a gift from God.

  1. Thank you for this idea! I’m seriously struggling with this topic for sharing time this week and I love your perspective. I want to focus less on clothing and shame and more on respecting our bodies as gifts from God. In all honesty, I just want to call in sick this Sunday and avoid this subject all together! 🙂

  2. Oh, I wish this is what was going to be taught in our primary tomorrow- but I know we are going to get the clothing bit instead…. There is so much more need to teach love and acceptance than hemlength…

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