Sharing Time 2012- July Week 4- Honesty is telling the truth regardless of the consequences.

Jessica F.

Thoughts:  I have one daughter who really liked to lie.  I have a degree in child development, and I know it is a stage, but it in all honesty is really annoying and we want her to stop since it takes extra work on our part to figure out the truth.

One this that really helped her was to explain that we her parents were not in charge of her.  That she was in charge of herself.  And that our job and the other adults that loved her- was to help her be really good at being in charge of herself.  This seemed to flick a light on her head.

I think that children often lie because they feel powerless and try to avoid the consequences for their actions, when really we should be teaching them that we are here to help them make better choices and to practice making good choices.

I also think that it is not the best idea to tell kids that if they tell the truth that nothing bad will happen, or that they will always be happy.  A lot of people tell the truth and are not respected or appreciated for it.  I prefer to teach my kids truth and about integrity leave it at that or explain briefly depending on age.



Play a game: Have a set of pictures that show something that we understand takes practice.  My list will look like this: ( trying to get the likes of the kids in primary)

Swimming, Piano, Soccer, Dance, Skiing, Running, and so on….

I want to play the game of how does someone get good at these activities?  What do they do? PRACTICE

What would we call it if one of the people in these pictures decided to not practice but tell their coach that they did practice? What would happen to that person’s performance?  And for on…

Encourage Understanding:

Show pictures that show a person doing things that we would do in everyday life.  For example:  A child studying, a person driving, a person cooking, taking a test, helping another person.

How do we become good at these activities?  We practice.  And when we mess up we tell the truth and we try again better the next time.  And it might take a lot of practice, but eventually we get better a little bit at a time.  And even when we mess up you are still special and important, and your parents love you, and your teachers love you, and Jesus Loves you perfectly.





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