Sharing Time 2012: Week 2: I should read, listen to, and look at things that are pleasing to Heavenly Father.

Thoughts:  I wanted to use the “Good, Better, Best” talk from Elder Oaks.  I like his approach that there are many good things and we have to choose.  I think that primary is great time to teach practical life skills along with spiritual ones.

The advent of technology and especially technology that is easy for very small kids to use, think iPad, has changed the way children grow up.  I think moderation delegated by  parents is great, but we also have to teach children to deal with pressures and social, technological time management issues in addition to dangers that have traditionally been addressed.


Identify the doctrine:  Heavenly Father wants us to fill our minds with wonderful things.  And because God loves you so much the whole earth is filled with amazing things to learn.  Sometimes we have to use our minds and choose between activities.  I want to show a scale and how it needs to be balanced.  I think sometimes we get out of balance and that is not good.

Heavenly Father wants us to have fun and be happy.  We have to decide how to put first things first, but that is hard. But luckily we get lots of time to practice and everyday is new and we get to practice again.  And eventually we get really good at it, but not even I am perfect at it.

Encourage understanding:

I wanted to draw a large circle on the board that will turn into a pie chart.  On one of the sides I want the kids to list what a typical day looks like.  Then roughly draw out the parts of the day on the pie chart.  So that they can see how much of their day they actually get to pick.

Application: I wanted to show three foods, one that is good, one that is better, and one that is best.  And explain that we probably wouldn’t want to eat the best (some green veggie) all the time, but when we eat all three we get lots of different flavors and our bodies get good nutrition.  Just like how we use our time, it might not be fun to do the hard things but when we balance we can be happy and taste all the wonderful beautiful things that God wanted us to see.

I am going to do

spinach, Milk , and Chocolate and blend them up and let the kids have a treat.  Since I know all the kids food allergies.


3 thoughts on “Sharing Time 2012: Week 2: I should read, listen to, and look at things that are pleasing to Heavenly Father.

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