About this Blog

It’s Time For Sharing is one of the newest blogs around (we were recently called the newest “Sunbeam” to the “bloggernacle.”) (We’re also being talked about at The Exponent and at Mormon Times.)

We are still gathering a group of writers to contribute lesson notes for each manual and Sharing Time. We are also looking for writers on age-group specifics, running a Primary Presidency, and eventually on Cub Scouts and Activity Days.

As noted in our sidebar, the aims of this blog are to help teachers invite and incorporate the Spirit, be scripture-based, teach solid principles without relying on ‘cute’ or ‘fluff’, promote active rather than passive learning, adapt lessons according to the children we teach, and reflect the varied personal experiences of children around the world.

If you are interested in contributing, please leave a comment on this page and we will email you soon. Thanks for stopping by!



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