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Valiant 8-11 Lesson 2 “Nephi Follows his Father, the Prophet


Link to the lesson:

The purpose of this lesson is “To strengthen each child’s desire to follow the living prophet.”

This goal is difficult to asses, because it will be hard to tell if a child’s desire is strengthened. That’s a personal thing on their part. So here are some other ways defining the goal that are easy to see success in.
• To help the children understand what a prophet is.
• To help the children understand the role prophets have played in the past.
• To help the children understand how they can follow Nephi’s example.

My current class has a lot of energy, and so I try to incorporate activities or games that are not in the lesson plan. I’ve found that just reading and discussing scripture doesn’t hold their attention. So for an attention activity, here a suggestion that is a bit more active: Continue reading