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Valiant 8-11 Lesson 4 “The Tree of Life”

By Mandy

Link to Lesson Manual online

As we have emphasized in our mission statement, this post is not to replace the lesson.  I hope to give you a starting point to organize your own lesson in an inspired way that meets the unique needs of the children you have a stewardship over.  This happens for me by asking some important questions:

  1.        “How can this lesson point to Christ?”
  2.        “What can I do to invite the Spirit to testify of the truthfulness of the doctrine?”
  3.        “What can I do to involve the children and help them feel the relevance of this lesson in their lives?”

Purpose:  To strengthen each child’s desire to obey the word of God and be worthy of eternal life.

  • I think, as I read this, “How do I help this to happen?”

As I studied the suggested scriptures, I realized that I achieved several of my objectives by focusing on specific verses.  In 1 Nephi 11, Nephi receives in a vision an explanation of the dream his father had about the Tree of Life.  This chapter focuses on Christ (objective 1) and answered for me the question of how this lesson helps children “desire to obey the word of God and be worthy of eternal life”—love.

How can this lesson point to Christ?

  • What is the one “take-away” that I want the children to hear if they get nothing else from this lesson?  The meaning of the Tree of Life.