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Sharing Time September 2012- Week 1: We are blessed when we keep the commandments.

Jessica F.


Thoughts :  I am back and we have internet 🙂

I felt that this weeks was a perfect place to connect the Old and the New Testament, and the Book of Mormon.  Really the PG too.  I love when we can connect the ideas across books of scripture and help children see the beauty of God’s words that have been preserved.


Identify the doctrine :  I wanted to start by telling the story of Jesus and his teachings of what Jesus Talked about in Matt 12 ,specifically 28-33.  .  I  think teaching the children to focus on the two greatest commandments. I want to simplify the process on the board of what we can do to LOVE GOD and LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR.  

GAME: Who is our Neighbor?

I want the kids to sing the following songs:  While passing out sticky things to put on the board.  To confirm who is our neighbor.

I want to be Kind to Everyone, I Will Walk With You, Jesus Said Love Everyone, Love One Another.

Have the children sing them.  If your primary does not know them I will be using signs or have your music leader make them if he/she really likes that kind of thing.  Ask the children “Who is your neighbor?”

Encourage Application:  How can be better neighbors?  And why would God ask us to be good neighbors?