Heather F. lives in Oakland, California with a husband and 2 kids. She has had every piano calling imaginable, including Primary, but excluding Elder’s Quorum pianist. She has also taught sunbeams and is currently the nursery leader in a unique combined primary of 2 wards and a branch. You can read about her testimony here.

Jeans lives in New England and serves as a Primary counselor in the wonderful ward she’s lived in for 16 years (where she’s also been Nursery leader, Primary music leader, Primary teacher and Cubmaster). In 2007, frustrated with a lack of substantive doctrinal discussion about the Young Women lessons, she founded the Beginnings New blog and is happy to be part of this parallel launch of It’s Time for Sharing! She and her husband are the parents of 4 kids, the youngest of whom is aging out of Primary in 2012. In her day job, she’s a college professor of US history.

Jenne Alderks lives in Bothell, Washington with her husband and their two, soon to be three children. Jenne has a M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education from the University of Hawaii Manoa and a B.S. in Marriage, Family and Human Development from Brigham Young University. She’s a mostly stay at home mom, and part-time doula and midwife assistant. You can read about her conversion story (baptized 2001) and her religious life by reading her profile.

Jenni B ~ I’m the primary president/teacher/music director in my tiny branch in rural Alaska (I usually joke that “I am the primary” although I do have a counselor/pianist who takes turns with me to teach lessons). My own 3 children make up more than half of the primary. My experience as a mother, school teacher, childbirth educator, and graduate student of psychology have taught me that people of all ages–even tiny babies–know and understand far more than we give them credit for. I refuse to dumb-down lessons just because my students are young. They are honest enough to ask questions if they don’t understand. They are hungry for truth, and I am trying to offer as much sustenance as I can. You can read my profile here.

Jessica lives in Orem, Utah.  She grew up in Northern California.  She is currently serving as a councilor in the Primary Presidency.  She has a BS in Marriage, Family, and Human Development from BYU.  She loves reading, swimming, and yoga.  She has a passion for teaching children the gospel and preparing them for the challenges of life.

Karen (ks) -has been a Primary presidency counselor in a south-of-campus Provo ward, a Cub Scout leader in eastern Washington, and homeschools a 2nd grader and kinder-gardener.  She currently serves as the YW Secretary in her New Mexico ward and writes at Beginnings New. She is thrilled about this new project and hopes to add support by behind-the-scenes help as well as an occasional post.

Mandy lives in Orem, Utah with her husband and four daughters.  As her children have started school, Mandy has become a student of best educational practices.  As her husband, a junior high teacher, recently completed a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, she has found plenty of fodder to consider.  She received her Bachelor’s in English from Brigham Young University. Her current callings are as Ward Historian and Humanitarian Aid Specialist.  Before this, she has enjoyed working in the Primary and the Young Women’s organizations.  She shares parts of her conversion story here at

Roberta lives in the (very wet) Willamette Valley in Oregon and currently teaches the (very delightful) Sunbeam class in her ward. She has a B.S. Degree from Linfield College in Social & Behavioral Sciences and is a professional Human Resource Management consultant in the Oregon agricultural industry. She is a convert to the church since 1999 and shares more of her conversion story on her profile at mormon.org

Sara Hanks lives in Renton, Washington and teaches the CTR-4 class in her ward. She grew up in St. George, Utah, and despite loving the Northwest, she still has the red dirt of the desert flowing through her veins. Sara is an incurable reader and aspiring writer. You can learn more about her testimony and religious life by reading her profile.

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